4TH MARCH 2024

Well, no of course my mobile ‘phone did not miraculously start working on the 1st February !!! So back down to Leclerc after giving the ‘phone a weekend to pull itself together and start working. The lad who looked about ten, who had ‘dealt’ with me a few weeks previously did, I am sure, a mental ‘eye roll’ when he saw me approaching. Hi sighed as he took my ‘phone, pressed a few buttons, then his expression changed. Oh, the old lady is right, this ‘phone is not working ! However, a quick call to Reglomobile on a secret number and abracadabra, we had lift off. Apparently on the previous visit the Reglo person had set everything in place but had ommited to press the button to get everything going. I am happy to report that all is going well except that I still cannot received calls on the mobile at home because we have no mobile reception here. Unless (!) you use Whatsapp, but that’s a whole new ball game.

Adoptions have been going well at La Mere aux Betes and Danielle is abot to take her well earned annual visit home to Switzerland so the refuge will be closed from 9th to 31st March. The poor husky is still looking, but one piece of excellent news is that Rex the Springer who we suspect of being deaf and who was to be transferred here to Poorpaws tomorrow has had a brilliant stroke of luck in the form of a lovely guy who ‘lost’ his elderly deaf dog last year and who has decided that he is ready to take in another companion. When he saw Rex on the website he felt that he is exactly what he needs. So Rex will go on a trial period whilst Danielle is away and we are all crossing everything that all goes well.

No need, I am sure to remind you that our next Book Bonanza will be on 23rd March and I am collecting and sorting like mad. I know I say it every time, but we really have got a great selection of excellent condition books. Some brilliant authors, old and new plus some old favourites who I have included having found that when I left some out, there was sure to be someone looking for just that book.

As you all know, Poorpaws and La Mere aux Betes, primarily help out dogs in need, but we are fully conscious that there are very many cats who don’t have such a good life either and there are just as many people helping them. I know of one elderly lady who gives an enormous amount of time, and more money than she should, feeding the many strays around where she lives, plus getting them sterilised. Then there are many families who are struggling to feed themselves let alone their pets. So, at the next Book Bonanza there will be a bin outside the door for any cat food you would like to donate, be it croquettes or tins. These will be distributed to persons in need of a bit of help.

Oh, I managed ‘no biscuit February’, but ate more cake, so that was a bit of a farce. Can I do no chocolate March ? Well that’s been a no no already, perhaps I’ll try again April ……….

Take care,

Sue x

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