4TH APRIL 2024

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First of all the excellent news that this beautiful Husky has been homed after such a long wait. There had been several offers from people but Danielle will only rehome when she considers the conditions are totally fitting to the dog. So, to agree to a Husky going to live in the South of France, for example, is just nuts. Huskies need a cold climate and finally THE person has arrived, so the lucky dog will be going to live in Switzerland ! It is a lovely story actually, the daughter of a couple who live nearby always goes to visit Danielle when she is in town and walks dogs for Danielle. Ever since the Husky has been with Danielle (over six months now) the kind girl would take him on REALLY LONG WALKS. They bonded beautifully but the living accommodation in Switzerland was not suitable for dog adoption. That situation has changed and much to everyone’s delight girl, partner and Husky are starting a new life together.

New additions here at Poorpaws too. I looked after a couple of dogs for a month for Danielle when she was away recently. a lovely couple of dogs, both of whom had confidence problems, one had no confidence and growled at me at first, the second too much confidence and tended to use his teeth too much, not only for eating ! They settled in here well and used to play beautifully together. I had to leave a lead on the nipper one so that I could get hold of him without going for the collar (lots of dogs don’t like that). Well, when Utah realised that by taking the lead in her mouth, she could drag Robbie around the garden, she thought that was great fun. As she is bigger it was not really a fair game, so I finally decided to take the lead off and they would race around the garden like lunatics have the best time. So, come Tuesday it was time to take them back to Danielle. With a heavy heart I took them back, convincing myself that it was best for them. When I left them and Utah realised I was leaving without her, she howled. Well, I speak ‘dog’, and she was definitely saying “I trusted you and you betrayed me”. Tears all the way home, a sleepless night ……. and this morning I am off to get them back.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who came to the Book Bonanza on the 23rd. So lovely to see you all and to receive all your lovely comments. Apologies for our ‘over enthusiastic’ cashiers, they mean well and I love them. We arived with 100 boxes of books and left with 50 so that was a huge success in my book – see what I did there ?! We took 1,660 euros on the day and with more donations coming in, I’m hopeful of getting to 2,000. Thank you also for the fabulous cat food donations which have been very gratefully received by people who need a helping hand. I know I say it each time, but I really do enjoy preparing the sales and from the many kind remarks I know you enjoy them too. I try to get as many up to date books as possible and, please, if any of you are looking especially for any author or title, do let me know so I can look out for them. Older titles often don’t make the cut and get into the sale, especially if the condition is not that good, but I may be excluding just the book you are looking for, so do drop me a line.

Well, the weather is looking Spring like at last and I am attacking our garden – this year with help !!! We have a very large garden, most of which is left wild, but I do like nice ‘cosy’ corners. The friend who is helping me does make me laugh, I can’t bear to throw away any piece of junk, but “Non, Suzanne, ca c’est moche, faut que ca part” says Virginie, and, of course, she is right ! She is working miracles and is achieving exactly what I want. Mind you, I notice that prices for even little plants in garden centres have boomed. Photos, next newsletter !

I can hardly believe that we will be off to Ile de Re in two weeks time, my reading box is packed with books I know I will need a push to get in to and I will have the time to do just that, not just diving in and out for ten minutes at a time. Bliss !

Sue x

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