Poorpaws Dog Rescue was set up in 2003 with the purpose of rehoming abandoned and unwanted dogs. For over 15 years we have rehomed hundreds of dogs who would, without our intervention, have had miserable lives. Obviously this was not done without help and I pay tribute to the, now many, organisations out there working so hard to try ensure that as many dogs as possible have better futures. Doing this work has brought me great happiness and, of course, sadness as well. I can never understand how some people can regard dogs as a chattel who, when inconvenient, will be just cast out of the family home without the blinking of an eye.

During the lifetime of Poorpaws there have inevitably been dogs with us who, for one reason or another, have never been rehomed, they may have behaviour problems or be too old. These dogs will stay with us until the day they die. The number of dogs not homed has risen to the point where we no longer have spare space and are unable to take in more dogs. Also, talking of getting older, I will be 70 (eek !) this year (2019) and although I am in great health, one never knows what is around the corner and my one dread is that I should pop my clogs leaving someone else with the problem of many dogs.

However, my work in dog rescue will continue in that I will always be happy to advise and help with any dog problem. I have many connections and usually a solution can be found. My great friend and mentor, Danielle Diczy, runs La Mere aux Betes, a private refuge in Castelnau Montratier, (Lot) and I will continue to work with her to rehome dogs in her care. The Poorpaws website will carry on and most of the dogs on the adoptions page will be those at Danielle’s.

Our very popular twice yearly book sales will continue as will our clothes sales. Money raised will go towards the care of the dogs who are still with me and to Danielle to help with her not inconsiderate expenses looking after all the dogs and cats she has. To give you an idea of those expenses our feed bill just for Poorpaws dogs is 250 euros a month and our veterinary fees are also around the 200 euros mark monthly. Older dogs needs more care as they get older !

So, a change to Poorpaws but I hope you will continue to support us and I, in turn, will be here to support you.

Please contact us on 00 (33) 565 24 53 03 (please leave a message) or email us susan.glibbery@orange.fr to see what is available and give a ‘poorpaws’ a chance of happiness.

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