Again I am sorry to have to start the newsletter with the report of the death of one of Poorpaws’ first pups adopted. Dear Elmo bade his owners farewell on the 9th January after spending 15 years with Becky and Tom. He was just a fabulous dog from the day they adopted him and I am so happy that they all found each other. I just hope Olivia was there to welcome Elmo to his ‘new home’ I am sure they will be having great fun together.

Well I did it ! Dry January, ticked ! It wasn’t that difficult after all and one definite benefit was that I slept so much better. I find that I sleep for about an hour after going to bed, then lay awake for a couple of hours before grabbing a few more zzzzzzz. Alcohol free and I slept six, seven and once, eight hours non stop ! Brilliant. I’m not giving up the sauce completely but certainly intend to keep it limited.

Next challenge ? Biscuit free February, now that will be a toughie !

This month we had fibre connected. We were assured that the laptop connection would be much faster so went ahead. Huh, no difference whatsoever. I have also had problems with Reglomobile. Trying to get through on the ‘phone took two days then the lady I spoke to did not seem to understand that we have no mobile reception here. In the end, she got snappy with me and I got snappy with her. I ended up going down to Leclerc where a very nice young man and lady took 45 minutes to sort out the problem and assured me that my ‘phone would work perfectly from 1st February. We shall see. Amid all the frustrations I realised that I have lived for 70 years without a mobile ‘phone, so will it really matter if I continue my life without one ? All it does is take up more time with Whatsapp messages – no I CANNOT ignore them !!!

Danielle has had quite a good month with all the pups she had going to new homes except for one little beauty – look on the adoptions page, OMG a real aaaaaahhhh ! There are so many dogs on that page at the moment, all of them beauties and dear, possibly deaf, Rex, faces a long time at the refuge unless a guardian angel presents his/herself.

I am gearing up towards the next book bonanza (23rd March) and am actively collecting now. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but please, please, please, good condition books only. I recently had to throw away two huge bags full of yellowing, damp, old, stained books, complete with the dead insect collection which was included. I think people think that oh, second hand books are acceptable in any condition but, durrh, no ! So, paperback novels are the most popular, auto/biographies, historical fact and fiction are good too. Please no out of date maps and travel books. This sale’s treats are hard back books at half price (so 50 cents) and childrens’ books are, again, free. There are some cracking hardbacks which people seem to ignore, possible because they are heavy and can give you quite a blow if they fall on your nose when you fall asleep when reading in bed. My solution, keep them next to your fireside chair and keep the paperbacks for the bedside table. If you have books to donate, get in touch and I can arrange to meet up or collect.

Have a good month and if anyone sees a hot yellow planet floating around, send it down to the Lot please.

Sue x

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