So, the chilli recipe said to add a couple of squares of dark chocolate. Now I’m a chocolate girl, albeit milk or white, but hey adding chocolate to anything is fine by me. So, in went the choc. Oh yeuk, double yeuk, pah, spit – disgusting !! Even Ernst who has put up with my, at best, passable culinary efforts for over 25 years, looked at me doubtfully until I gave him the nod and into the bin it went. I wouldn’t even let the dogs have it ! Hey, cheese and biscuits is fine for supper now and again, n’est ce pas ?!

Sorry to say, another Poorpaws resident has put his paws up. Dear Teddy left us this morning. He had had a long and happy life. I took him from the Carcassonne refuge when a friend saw him on line and wanted to adopt him. Sadly, when she saw him in the flesh, she wasn’t so keen but did adopt another sad soul. So Teddy came to us and was soon adopted by a lovely guy who adored him. They had many happy years together until the guy died and Teddy came back to live here. He made it to 17 years old, which is some going. Hopefully, he and his owner have found each other (crap I know but I like to imagine it) and are happy again.

Teddy celebrating his 7th birthday. Little did he know he would celebrate ten more !

Moving on to happier things, there have been many adoptions since Christmas, but ………a record of dogs being abandoned too. Nicky the dachshund has gone to a lovely home, Tania will very shortly be going to a new life and dear Tinkerbelle is off and away too. Excellent news, Raven one of the Pointers being offered for adoption without a fee because he has been waiting so long, has gone to a great life which is brilliant for him, however, it means that poor Nairo, his kennelmate, is now on his own and lonely. He keeps climbing the fence but not to run away, but just to look for Danielle. Proof that he is a lovely faithful dog, so, please anyone considering a dog but doesn’t have the adoption fee however can offer a great home, please don’t hesitate.

Danielle has A LOT of puppies at the moment, some ready to go now, Jack Russell crosses, Braque and some perfectly delightful black and white mongrels. Then, around mid February there will be some beautiful Labrador mixes of just about two months in need of homes.

Please, please, please make sure your dogs have your ‘phone numbers written on their collars. If you lose your dog, even if he/she is chipped and found, not everyone will take a dog to the vet to check to see if there is a chip, but everyone will call if there is a visible ‘phone number. A very close friend had a huge scare on holiday in Spain recently when her little Bichon was chased by another dog, but thanks to social media she was found quite quickly.

Finally, many, many thanks to those of you who answered my call for books for the Book Sale. There has been some really great stuff coming in. From now on in, just novels please, no more gardening / cookery books, I’m drowning in them !

Keep warm !

Sue x

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