1ST MARCH 2023

I think I may have to retitle this page as obituary column instead of news.

On the 21st February, my dear, lovely friend Annie lost her battle with lung cancer – never having smoked in her life. We had been friends for 50 years, the close friendship never changing even when she went to live in Hong Kong and Malaysia for many years and then I moved to France. I was proud (but nervous !) when she asked me to be Godmother to her first son, Liam, but luckily for Liam I was never needed to help with any major decisions and he is now well old enough to make his own. However, I am ready to step up to the plate if needed ! As well as being a wonderful caring mother, (which spilt over into our friendship, Annie would always check if friends needed ‘to go to the loo’ before going out !) Annie was great fun always the first on the dance floor and if the dance floor was crowed, well, a table would do ! Wherever you are now my lovely friend, I hope you are dancing on tables.

Whilst visiting Annie just before she died, one of my special dogs, Jip, a Brittany Spaniel, was very ill at the vets and to round off a sad week, he was pts.

Jip was one of the best, he was a wonderful friendly dog who always welcomed newcomers into the ‘pack’ whilst the rest of them always need a couple of days to get used to a new face. I miss you babe, so, so much. You should have had many more years yet, but, boy, you enjoyed life.

Moving on, anyone looking for a puppy, just go to the adoption page where you will find pups in abundance ! We are anxious to move these on asap as Danielle will be away from 10th to 30th March and although she will leve them food and water, it would be better if they are in new homes. KIDDING ! (about just leaving food and water) there will of course be someone there to take care of the dogs in situ, but it would be so nice if the pups moved on before. NO VISITS to the refuge will be possible during the time Danielle is away.

If you are not looking for a pup, just take a look at Snow ! A fabulous dog who would love to be adopted by a very active family.

As for me, well I’m up to my eyes in collecting and sorting books ready for the 25th March. I have enough now thanks to the biblio generosity of lots of lovely people and am as happy as a pig in the proverbial in my shed going through them all wondering how many I have time to read before the sale !

Just a quick reminder that the English film ‘Living’ or ‘Vivre’ to gi it its’ French title will be shown in English at the Salle d’Animation in Montcuq on Sunday 5th March at 3pm.

Brrr, it’s jolly cold isn’t it ?!


Sue x

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