I know, I know, so late again but quite honestly I haven’t got back on track since Christmas. My pal Susie has been here for nearly two weeks and only just went home on Wednesday. Whilst I miss her (she really is a four star houseguest) I have to say that it is lovely to get back into my own bedroom ! To say we were busy over the Festive Season would be an understatement. I think we had something ‘on’ for 11 out of the 13 days she was here. Lunch on the 24th had to be rebooked for the 1st January because I was suffering from a stinking cold – which is only just on its’ way out ! Where I got it from heaven knows. I left home on the 23rd to go to pick Susie up from Toulouse, in perfect health, then by the time I got to the airport my throat was sore and scratching and my nose streaming. Anyway, I got through Christmas and our Festive Fizz on Christmas Day – much depleted by friends having moved on to Spain or back to England – on relatively good form before collapsing in front of the fire and dining on left over nibbles.

I started the new year on 1st January in a spectacular fashion. Susie, Ernst, friend Paulette and I went to our favourite restaurant for lunch, looking forward to a fab meal (which it was !). However, when the poor waitress arrived with our aperos she lost control of her tray. I realised this when a glass of kir splashed across my lap, then, before I could stand up, it was raining kir and glasses. It was in my hair, down my front, down my back and pooling on the chair, meaning I had a very wet behind and had broken glass all round me ! I just burst out laughing and other amazed faces around me joined in when they realised I wasn’t going to throw a wobbly. The poor, poor, waitress was completely distraught and couldn’t apologise enough. I kept telling her not to fret (I did that job for years so I know how she must have felt). She brought me another chair, mopped up the floor and I dried myself down as much as I could with a seviette. My trousers were very wet but there was nothing I could do about that. We then had a very delicious lunch but kept breaking into hysterical laughter everytime we thought about it. As a friend said to me, I might not remember all my New Year’s Days but I’ll certainly remember that one !

Now to dogs. Danielle has loads and loads of dogs looking for homes, so if you are looking for something to MAKE you carry on your new year resolution to get out an walk more, what better way of doing it than giving a dog a loving new home at the same time ?! As soon as Danielle manages to get photographs to me, there will be lots of new faces on the adoptions page, but spare a thought for the ones already there many of whom have been waiting for so long.

I’m heavily into book sale mode now and really need a lot more good condition paperback novels in order to give you a really good sale. So please, do not hesitate to get in touch if you are having a turn out, I can collect or meet up with you easily.

On Sunday 8th, the English film Armageddon Time, starring Anthony Hopkins, will be shown at the Montcuq Espace d’Animation at 3pm. Don’t worry it is not an ‘action’, blood and thunder film, but a story about a family. I hope many of you will be there.

Sue x

PS No, I didn’t get a greenhouse heater !!

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