Oops, December seems to have crept up on me without warning ! One used to be able to tell when it was December because everything Christmassy would come out, but now, if you went by that rule you would be forgiven for thinking that September, or even August was the twelfth month ! I am an unashamedly Festive Season lover, I love the lights, the decorations, the present buying (not so much the cooking) and everyone seems to be in a better mood. Except for the unpleasant man who told me I was too old to drive and should take another driving test, after HE had reversed into ME ! Then there was the guy in Montcuq who had parked his work van blocking one of the tiny roads up near the church and I had to get through to take an elderly lady to the dentist. He very rudely said I would have to reverse back. Hah, you must be kidding I said, I just do not do reversing, I would rather abandon the car than try to reverse around all those little streets. He grudgingly, and I mean GRUDGINGLY moved his van which was no hardship as he was at the end of the road, he only have to move about ten metres. But what is the matter with people ? Why can’t they just smile and help out ?!

So, back to Christmas, I am an absolute sucker for Christmas films and there are two books I always read at this time of the year, one is ‘Skipping Christmas’ by John Grisham, a laugh out loud book, but don’t watch the film of the book ‘Christmas with the Kranks’, absolute ‘krxp’. The other is Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg, an absolute delight.

They say you learn something new every year and I learned something last week. I have a pink rain/walking jacket – bought for a hiking holiday in Japan a few years ago, – the thinking being that if I got lost in a forest, rescuers would be able to find me easily, then I realised that so would the bears, but I digress – the jacket is great and is still going strong. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the hood, which, when in use, came down so low in front that it covered half my face and I could only see the ground in front of me. Well, when I put it on last week to take the dogs for a walk, I noticed a bit of velcro on the hood, and then another bit further back, durrrh, I could velcro the two bits together and, hey presto, I could see the path in front of me !

A week or so ago, Danielle and I went to collect two elderly dogs whose owner had died a year ago and who had been in kennels ever since. They are now here at Poorpaws and are a true delight. They are Fauve de Bretagne crossed with something smaller, so not a tiny dog, more medium to small, about Spaniel height. They are ten year old sisters and just need a fenced in garden to roam around in and protection from the elements – cosy beds inside would be even better. Very affectionate and loving, perfect for any retired couple/person.

Danielle has been having a bumper time regarding adoptions in fact so good that in a couple of cases, no sooner are they on the website than there they are gone ! Sadly there are two or three who have been with her for over a year and although they are happy and well cared for, it would be so nice to get them their forever homes.

Oh, before I go, I am ready, waiting and willing for any good condition novels you want to pass on ready for the book sale in March.

Until then, I hope you have exactly the Festive Season you enjoy.


Sue x

In memory of dear Hailla
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