MARCH 2ND 2022

1st March, first day of Spring, glorious. 2nd March, second day of Spring bring out the thermals again !! I am sure that, like a lot of you probably, the sunshine over the last week made me sort out the greenhouse (chucking out the geraniums which didn’t make it, definitely getting a heater for next Winter !) and generally walking around the garden making mental notes of Things To Do ! However, I read an article telling me not to be misled by this Fool’s Spring and not to tidy up too much. Many ‘wee timorous beasties’ are still hibernating and not ready to wake up yet, lucky things. So leave the piles of leaves and old branches for another month. Ok, if thems the rules, lead me back to my chair and books !

Speaking of books (see what I did there ?), our next and – tissues at the ready – last, Book Sale, will be on 2nd April at the Salle des Fetes, St. Pantaleon, as usual. We are all getting older, only two of us are able to shift the boxes now, and, two of our core team members are moving back to England this year. We have all had great fun running the sales and that’s how I want to remember them, not everyone thinking “Oh grief, it’s the bally Book Sale time again” ! I, especially will miss them a lot, I have loved picking out books for you to enjoy – and, I must admit, discovering new books and authors myself. Because of the above, I will be keeping a good stock of books here at home where people are welcome to come and browse /buy. Just contact me.

I can’t write this month’s blog without giving thoughts to the poor people of Ukraine. The news every day is heartbreaking and I can hardly bare to watch, but I force myself, bearing in mind how lucky I am to be doing that, watching instead of living it. I remember in the 1950s my parents took in three Hungarian refugees – no mean feat when we were already a family of four children. They were two women and a child and they remained friends with my parents for many, many years. Of course, at six years old I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t speak English and, why I had to give them my bedroom !!

Danielle, La Mere aux Betes, still has many dogs in need of a good home, take a look at her Facebook page and my adoptions page. Danielle is due to go home to Switzerland for a couple of weeks, so the fewer dogs she leaves for her dog-sitter, the better.

Fingers crossed, next month there will be better news.


Sue x

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