Ouf ! So that is January done and dusted and I am quite happy about that. The cold I had over the Festive Season hung on and on until I threw in the towel and went to the doctor. Long story short he prescribed a huge dose of vitamin D and, hey presto, I feel good again. I would have been just as happy had he prescribed a holiday in the sun paid for by my mutuelle but apparently all the monthly payments I have made over the years, don’t cover that.

I remember a few years ago we had a fantastic February and actually got tshirts out, wouldn’t it be lovely if that happened again ? I am so fed up with not being warm enough. We don’t have central heating and rely mostly on a woodburner in our kitchen …… and thermal underwear !

Fingers crossed that we get our travel freedom back soon without having to test every five minutes, and that I finally get to the André Rieu concert at Wembley which has been postponed for two years now. Talking of concerts, we went to the wonderful New Year Concert of the Orchestra of Cahors last weekend. It was brillliant, however sadly, I fear that the thing that people will remember most is the moment when the conductor lost his grip on the baton and sent it flying across the stage !!

We had quite a few adoptions in January, but one lovely Brittany Spaniel pup was returned because the new owners felt he was not ‘connecting’ with them. The pup must have had some short of bad treatment in the past and although, on his own, he is a happy little chap, it is true that he is not bothered with people, so heneeds someone who is going to have the time and patience to bond with him.

This week we had our first Book Sale meeting of the year, to start preparing for the sale on April 2nd. I say ‘start’ but I have in fact been collecting and sorting since the last sale. Consequently we can only now take good condition paperbacks as we are ‘booked out’ with cookery, gardening and coffee table stuff. Sadly the sale in April will be our very last one so we are hoping that it will be a ‘wowser’ ! We will be celebrating our tenth anniversary and hope to go out in style – because the vet and feed bills won’t stop ! The problem is that two of our team who are our star bakers will be moving back to England this year, plus, we are (shh, whisper it) all getting older and it does take a lot of hard work and muscle setting the sales up. However, I am hoping to keep a good supply here, setting up shelves in our shed so that people can come and buy from me. I won’t be able to offer great cakes but should be able to rustle up a tea or coffee !

Keep warm !

Sue x

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