6TH APRIL 2022

The Book Sale Team

So here we all are, minus one who is in Australia and plus two helpers, lining up just before the start of our final Book Sale last Saturday ! When I woke up and saw snow I thought we were doomed but no, the hall was quickly heaving and the queue at the cake table was two or three deep – not surprising looking at the yummy display of cakes on the table. It was a marvelous day with many peope saying lovely things, thanking us for the sales and saying how much they would miss them. The final total was 3,000 euros thanks to a last minute donation by a lovely couple which took us ‘past the post’. I had very mixed emotions and have to admit to a few tears when everyone had left and I was there ‘tweaking’ the boxes ready for the big clean up on Sunday. We had a great group to help and we worked like a well oiled machine, so that it was all done in under an hour and a half. Then we had a coffee and just about scraped enough left over cake together to enjoy.

The end of a wonderful era and now it is onwards and upwards. Ernst and I have plans to get our shed into tip top condition, instal some shelves and open a Book Shed. I am a serious book junkie, I need books around me like some people need music, and would miss all the sorting and finding new authors to try. So I will still be taking in books and will let you know when we are open for business.

On the Sunday afternoon I went to see the English film in Montcuq. it was PIG with Nicholas Cage, about a recluse whose truffle pig is stolen and his quest to find it. I thought it would be a feel good movie with a happy ending. Wrong. I came home a traumatised blubbing mess. It reminded me of when I went to see ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Braveheart’ many years ago, having been assured they were really good films. I spent nearly the whole time sitting on the floor of the cinema with my fingers in my ears.

Danielle is now back from Switzerland so the dogs are available for adoption. Sometimes my adoption page is not up to date because by the time Danielle gets photos to me, the dogs have been adopted so I would recommend that you go to her Facebook page La Mere aux Betes to see the latest ‘intakes’. It doesn’t matter if you are not on Facebook (I’m not), you can still see her posts. If you don’t speak French, get in touch with me if you see a dog you think you would like and, in fact even if you don’t speak French, get in touch, because Danielle is always very busy but I can get through to her.

I’m going to have a wonderful break at the end of the month, off to the Ile de RĂ© but with a couple of girlfriends this time. This should be serious fun !

Just to sign off, to the people who dumped two dogs in Castelnau Montratier and left them to starve, I hope your lives are miserable to the day you die. Miraculously they were found in a skeletal state and are now in care.


Sue x

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