maddiemaddie-face-onmore-maddie10/12/16   RESERVED !!!!!!!   ADOPTED !

UPDATE 29.11.16  Well after what we thought was going to be a super adoption Maddie is back here.  She was great in every way but wanted to play with the cats.  This is very sad as Maddie is totally used to cats, we have loads here and she has never been aggressive with any of them, in fact the reverse is true, many is the swipe she has had from them.  She just wants to play.

Here is little Maddie, two or three months old, another pure Bitsa (bits a this and bits a that) and hey, aren’t that breed just the best ?!  Taken from Mum I expected her to be nervous and tearful, not a bit of it, when I brought her home she got very excited when she saw all the gang and was very anxious to get down and in the game.  To be chipped and vaccinated onTuesday 25th October.