Toby A Toby B31/03/2016  ADOPTED !!!

Toby here.  Now I might be rather biased but I do feel that I am rather a handsome chappie and Sue, who was here this morning,  confirmed it.  So, all you Boxer lovers, come see about me !! If you think I am looking a bit strange in the bottom (no pun intended) photo it is because Sue and Danielle have just taken the stitches out of my tail, you see there was something wrong with it and it would not get better so it was taken off.  I don’t miss it (at least I won’t swipe the glasses off your coffee table) and just wag my rear end now.  I was so good when they took the stiches out Sue couldn’t believe it.  Of course I love to run around and play, well I’m only a year old, but Danielle is teaching me how to be a Very Good Boy and I’m a fast learner.  Oh when my tail was taken off something else was removed too, haven’t found out what it was yet. (Sue’s note, just don’t think about it Toby !)