Tammy06/04/2016  EXCELLENT NEWS !  I didn’t dare post it before in case everything went pear shaped but I am over the moon to report that as from yesterday Tammy has started a new life up in the Savoie region of France.  Thanks a MILLION to DogLinks who found a fabulous new owner for Tammy and to David Marker who drove her to meet her new owner.

Things  are getting very desperate for little Tammy now.  Tammy is a ten year old Jack Russell whose owner has died and Tammy is staying with family who are unable to keep her because of conflict with the resident dogs.  Even worse, the family will be moving shortly and Tammy faces a sad end if a home cannot be found for her.  Tammy is small and very cute, she needs absolutely a fenced in garden, NO CATS OR OTHER FURRY LITTLE ANIMALS and no other female dogs, she is fine with males ( slapper !).  Please, please, please is there anyone out there who could even foster her ?  I would have her at Poorpaws in a flash but we have many cats who are not at all afraid of dogs, plus many females.  HELP !!!