JackJackJackJack (2)02/03/2016 RESERVED ALREADY YEY !!!

Hallo, my name is JackJack, well that is my name now after I was found by the lovely Shameem when I was cold, wet and starving hungry.  Apparently JackJack is the name of a character in a children’s book and I like it, a bit like New York, so good they named me twice !!  No-one can find my previous owner and they obviously are not lookng for me so they can’t have loved me that much and certainly not as much as Shameem does.  Sadly she cannot keep me but will look after me until an equally lovely person comes forward to adopt me.  They think I am about 18 months old (I know the truth but aint telling !) but this will be checked next week when apparently I will be taken to someone called “The Vet” to be “chipped, vaccinated and neutered”, not sure what that is but it sounds like fun !!

Sue at Poorpaws is always banging on about Border Collies needing mental as well as physical exercise and she is quite right. Not the lying about in front of the fire life for me – although that is lovely at the end of the day – I need lots of walks and games.

So, are you the one(s) for me ?  Well contact Sue and I’ll give you the once over.  By the way, I’m friendly with other dogs.