Hee hee, fooled you, I’m early this month !!  29th February tomorrow, hmm, should I propose to Ernst or not ??!!

I decided I really was going to give up something for Lent this year, not because I am a believer but just to prove that I can.  So, what should it be ?  Biscuits ? Nope, not possible because the elderly lady I visit a couple of times a week always has a stash of my favourite chocolate biscuits ready for me and she would be upset if I refused them.  Cake ?  Yeah right, with our Book Sale on Easter Saturday I would definitely fall at the last hurdle there !!  Alcohol ? Well…………. a possibility I suppose.  So I chose alcohol and am delighted to report that not a drop has passed my lips since Shrove Tuesday.  Do I miss it ? Yes I do, especially that lovely glass of white wine that I take about 6pm when preparing supper.  A close friend of mine has given up alcohol and bread and the weight is just falling off her.  No danger of that happening to me – although luckily I don’t have weight problems – I’m just replacing the calories with more cakes and biscuits.  I totally understand my friend Sue who tries but fails to give up smoking, if I was told  I should give up sweets, well,  I couldn’t do it.

Adoptions this month have been great, not numerous but great in that some of the dogs who have been waiting for a long while have found happy homes thanks to wonderful you.  Charley the sweet little black dog rescued from a miserable life that was set to end with a needle, has gone to a super home where she is proving to be the delight we knew she would be.  Junot (Gino) the Labrador who has been waiting soooooooo long has found a great home with a lake at the bottom which he insists on cleaning, going in and dragging out branches !  The resident dog at that home is not too enamoured with Junot as Junot has obviously read too much Winnie the Pooh and has modelled himself on bouncy Tigger but we are hoping he will calm down soon !!  Fleurs pups have all found homes and now we are hoping for the same success with Rosies pups who have just been born but no photos yet.  Now I’m hoping that Junior is successful very soon.  Hand on heart this is ‘un amour de chien’, gentle, faithful and all round gorgeous.  He can be homed without Mum Motus if anyone is tempted.  He is too young to be here amongst the oldies.

Our Easter Book sale looms ever nearer, Easter Saturday at the St. Pantaleon Salle de Fetes.  We changed the location which enabled us to add snack lunches last year and it was a huge success so we are hoping for the same this Easter. If you have books /dvd’s/puzzles to donate please get in touch.  On Monday 7th I will be driving up to the Bergerac area to collect, so could meet up if anyone wants to offload.

Quite a few dogs have been going missing recently and would have found their owners much more quickly if they had had collars with their telephone numbers written on in indelible ink.  Please, please do this even if you don’t like ‘the look’, it could save your dog’s life as most people will make a telephone call but not everyone will take a dog to a vet to see if there is a chip.

I think most of us British living in France are slightly nervous about the referendum.  I was one who said it will never happen that the UK leaves Europe, look what happened when everyone thought Farage might gain power, an absolute wash out (thankfully !), but now that soppy bollocks (sorry) Boris has joined the ‘out’ lot, I’m a bit more concerned that people will follow him.  Just think Trump in power in the USA and ‘B’ Boris in the UK, St. Cadbury help us !!!

Have to dash now, must catch the last bit of the Archers omnibus as I missed Friday’s episode.  About time the Rob/Helen thing came to an end, I’m so fed up with her being such a wuss that I’m (almost) on his side !!!!!!

See you at the Book Sale hopefully, Doreen will you be able to make it ?  I’ll treat you to lunch.

Talking of books, after looking for the book I was reading for ages yesterday, I found it in the evening when I opened the fridge.  Oops, this could be the begining……..!


Sue x





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