Cannelle Spot the dog ! Well it was a funny old weekend !!  My lovely Foster mum Julie took me for a ride in the car and we went to visit some friends, then she left without me !!!!  Still the place was quite nice, lots of dogs everywhere, I made a few friends and everyone made a great fuss of me.  Then, shock horror, early the next day I was put into a large cage in the back of the car with two of the nice new human friends I had.  We drove for ever and ever, then went in a train which went through a long dark tunnel.  When we got to the other side one new friend left and my new owner Jackie took me to her house to meet Simon (human) and Dudley (dog).  I LOVE it here, walks every day and when there’s nothing else to do I play hide and seek, can you spot me in this photo ?  I’m still called Cannelle and sometimes Nell which I like too. If this is England, bring it on and I’m here just in time for Wimbledon – strawberries anyone ?!