UPDATE 12.06.15:  Well Esprit certainly took the fancy of many of you and unfortunately due to a LiveBox breakdown I was unable to mark her up as “RESERVED”  a few days ago.  She is now ‘on trial’ for a week and all seems to be going fabulously.  Hopefully she’ll soon be on our Happy Endings page.


Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most fabulous dogs Poorpaws has ever been asked to rehome.  Due to very sad circumstances this very gorgeous Standard Poodle needs a new life and a new family.  She is three years old, chipped, vaccinated and will be sterilised.  The gentlest of beings Esprit loves everyone and everything. She is perfect in the car and if you want to see her in seventh heaven, throw a ball for her, again, again and ……. !   Great with other dogs, cats and children.  Sorry about the startled expression on her face, blame the photographer (me !).  Honestly this one is a gem, the life she knew and loved has suddenly been taken away yet she very calmly settled whilst paperwork and chat went on at a busy café then put her trust in us and jumped into the car.  Tissues all round !