SorrelRemember me ?  I used to be Inja but because my new owner didn’t want me to end up being called Inja- Ninja I needed a new name.  Sorrow was considered because I looked so sad but luckily Sorrell was decided on which I like.  (Sue’s note, me too Sorrell, had I ever had daughters I would have called them Sorrell and Rowan) I had lots of offers of adoption but because I’m such a wuss Poorpaws had to be careful which home I went to.  Ali was chosen and after a shaky start I am now very happy, learning to be a Very Good Girl and sussing out what humans are not keen on.  Apparently it is not done to jump on to the kitchen table when Ali is out to see if I can find more to eat pushing anything non edible on to the floor.  Nor is it done to cry all night when everyone is in bed.  Well you see I’ve never lived inside before so it was all new for me. There are lots of other animals here as well, cows and pigs and when I can I pinch their food too, milk bottles are easy peasy so I don’t go thirsty !  I’m still very frightened of men but I have my Ali and luckily Ali loves me and we are working together to make me the (almost) perfect dog.  Thanks Ali !