Spider and Molly

Spider and MollyThis is a very sad story, one which makes my blood boil and an example of man’s inhumanity to man.  The owners of Spider and Molly planned to live out their years happily here in France.  Heartbreakingly, the gentleman has now got alzheimers and they have to go back to the UK to heaven knows what and cannot take their gorgeous cats with them.  The poor lady has had the fear of God put in to her by someone she thought would help and/or give advice as  that is what they do, only to be told that it is illegal to rehome cats who are not vaccinated and chipped (strictly speaking this is true but, hey, come on, I’m sure the law enforcers have better things to do).  This drove the poor lady to take her cats to the vet to be put down, but luckily the vets refused.  So, is there anyone who can take one HUGE worry from the poor lady.

I have much more to write re the above but to avoid unpleasantness will say only this, if you are looking to adopt a cat and I don’t have one to suggest, PLEASE, PLEASE go to your local S.P.A., refuge, (Cahors pound charges nothing for a cat) or your vet, or ask me to find one for you.