So Daisy, tell us your story.  “Well it’s like this.  I was born on a farm six years ago and given to my present owners.  They were told that  I am a Setter, but as you can see I am in fact mostly Cocker Spaniel.  I had six years of being the apple of my owners’ eyes, spoilt rotten, taken everywhere, life was grand.  Then it all came tumbling down when my owners’ daughter came to live with us and brought with her two very young humans who then got all the attention.  To say I am miffed is putting it mildly so I thought I would try to educate them as I would have my own children, a little nip when they got on my nerves.  This went down like the proverbial lead balloon and now I have to move out.  My bags are packed and I am looking for a lovely home where I will again be loved and where there are no ‘little people’.  Bigger children who are like adults are no problem.  I am fully vaccinated, chipped, sterilised and have a passport.  I get on well with other dogs and cats don’t worry me.  Please get in touch with Sue if you are that family so that we can all be happy again.”  Ok Daisy, I’m on the case.