Hey Jude !


Hey, I’m Jude – don’t you just love the name ?!  Get the tissues ready for my story, my Mum was a poor old dog who lived all her life in not very nice conditions.  Lovely neighbours took pity on her and used to walk and feed her, then after one walk she produced …… MOI !  Very sadly my Mum had a huge tumour that her owners had not noticed and it was left to the lovely neighbour to take care of her and stay with her when she went where I cannot follow.  I am only three and a half weeks now and all my life LN (lovely neighbour) has been hand rearing me.  I will be able to go to a new home in about four weeks time so I have to start looking now. I am a black (obviously) female (durrh, again, obviously) Labrador with possibly a bit of something else but Dad is not answering his ‘phone !  I know that you lot out there just adore female Labs so if you would like me to be your forever pal, call Poorpaws – 0565245303 – and just leave a message for Jude !