What is it about Poorpaws at the moment ?  We are getting the most cutest of cute dogs to home !  Lucky here is no exception.  At four months old he is already housetrained, comes running – so fast that his back legs overtake the front – when he is called and can already ‘sit’ to command.  What a little star !!   Well, what do you expect from a Brittany Spaniel mix ?! This little chap really is one of the best, so if you are looking for a lifelong, constant companion and great family dog, get in touch.  Lucky turned up (or was dumped) at a village fete during the Summer and did the rounds of the tables before ending up being taken home by a lovely couple who have done everything to make his start in life wonderful.  Very sadly, and I have seen the tears to prove it, the gentleman turned out to be so allergic that he ended up in hospital.  Of course, the lovely lady considered leaving hubby there and keeping Lucky but it just didn’t seem right !!  So with heavy hearts they contacted us and I can confirm that Lucky really is a great little guy.  Chipped and vaccinated.  Sorry the phot colour is not good, Lucky is in fact white and a pale beigey orange.