Manteau d'hiver 001Tega, ah Tega, you big beautiful girl !  Long term Poorpaws followers may remember Tega who came to us about three years ago when she was five years old.  Rescued along with her thirteen puppies  by some great English ladies the names of whom I am ashamed to say I can’t remember – sorry ! -from a repulsive farmer who is on my hit list, she proved to be a fabulous mum and her pups all went to great homes.  Tega herself went to a great home too to a lovely man who cared deeply for her.  Sadly he has died so Tega is again back at Poorpaws looking for a good home.  Now then, I can promise you that Tega is a star.  She looks impressive but is as soft as butter.  Very obediant, no need for a lead on walks, great with other dogs, a bit lively with cats but only if they run.  Tega is just a largish lump of love.  Ok she is now eight years old but not everyone wants a young dog.  ADORES the car, in fact trying to get her out is a game !  I do so hope that she finds a forever home very soon. I adore her.  The photo is crap, Tega has the most amazing long ears which point to the skies, I’ll try again !!


13/3  The bestest news ever !  Our lovely Tega has been offered a wonderful new home.  Boy I’m going to miss her !

Ah, ears up, that's better !
Ah, ears up, that’s better !