Skye BErnst and I are very lucky in that we have wonderful friends and neighbours, Pat and Tony.  Pat and Tony in turn have a lovely daughter, Kelly, who lives in the UK.  About five years ago Kelly, her partner Phil and daughter Morgan, adopted Sky a year old Rottweiler.  This caused concern amongst family and friends as Rotties don’t have a very good press in England – well anywhere for that matter.  Everyone was proved wrong.  Sky was the most beautiful, gentle, obediant dog.  A gorgeous creature the size of a small bear with the character of a lamb.

Sky was truly a magical dog who touched many hearts.  Phil works with people with disabilities and Sky was so gentle with them.  Even those fearful of dogs, especially large ones, were drawn to her and were unafraid.  She proved that it is not dogs who are bad it is owners who make them so. 

A few days ago Sky was discovered to have a cancer that had gone through the bone of one of her legs and into her lung.  She was in great pain and no-one could bear to see her suffer.  So this wonderful animal was put to sleep on the 15th November leaving broken hearts lying all around.  Sky was loved, adored and admired by anyone who came into contact with her (well apart from the squirrels !) and is missed dreadfully.  Run now without pain Sky sweetie, there must have been a huge welcoming party there in doggy heaven to welcome you, our loss is their gain and you will never be forgotten.Skye

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