Does anyone recognise this photo ? I found it in a book (Lost Souls by Michael Collins – very good !) which has been donated in a box of books for the next book sale. It is a beautiful photograph and I am sure whoever it belongs to would wish to have it back.

I often find notes, shopping lists, shopping receipts in books, obviously being used as bookmarks. Sometimes postcards, which I return if possible and once a very ‘personal’ card which, from the text of the message, had been sent to someone who perhaps it should not have been sent to ! I didn’t return that in case I returned it to the wrong person.

I was in England a couple of weeks ago and a very busy week it was too. A night with friend Jan in Braintree, then the bus up to London where I met up with Sue and we got the train to Pangbourne for the ashes ceremony of my lovely friend Annie who died in February. A couple of nights there celebrating Annie’s life with her friends and family, then on (again on the bus) to Birmingham where I spent the night with a couple of pals from our Cote d’Azur days. We hadn’t seen each other for 16 years and it was just like it was yesterday. From there yet another bus up to Leeds for a weekend family reunion. That was great fun too. Sadly, the weather having been lovely for the whole week, it poured down at the weekend which meant that the al fresco dining was moved indoors. It was lovely to see my brothers and their families again, the last reunion having been pre covid, even if it was pointed out to me that the only person in the family smaller than me now is my great niece Maggie Ann, who is six !

As I said, most of my journies were by coach and I can highly recommend it. Comfortable, on board wifi and much, much cheaper than the train. Ok the buses reached their destinations about half an hour late each time but hey, who cares when you’ve got a good book and a sufficient supply of Cadbury Twirl Bites ?!

Dog adoptions have been going well but I have to apologise if you were hoping to adopt one of the promised Border Colley pups, they were given to another refuge. Can I put in a plea for the beautiful black Lab, Pirate, we have had for far too long. Yes, he is boisterous, yes he is a greedy git, but he does deserve the chance of a family life. Just a large fenced in garden and plenty of food and he will be so happy. It breaks my heart that he is passed by time and time again.

I committed a huge booboo this month ! I mistakenly put the wrong photo next to a young dog up for adoption. A lovely couple travelled three hours down to see what they thought was a Border Colley mix, only to find that dog had been adopted months ago and the dog described was in fact a Brittany Spaniel/Setter. I felt terrible as you can imagine. Anyway, after chatting with the couple I suggested they look at the Brittany who is a fabulous little chap and ………… fairy tale ending, they took him home and are delighted with him, saying obviously it was meant to be. Phew !

If you haven’t caught Ab Fabba on stage yet this season, they will be performing at the St. Daunes (five minutes from Montcuq) Marche Gourmand on Thursday 17th August. Go along, take your families and Summer guests, you won’t regret it.

Oh, nearly forgot, I’m collecting clothes for our usual stand at the Montcuq vide Grenier on 27th August, so if you are having a sort out and you have good condition clothes you don’t wear anymore, please get in touch. Donations have been few and far between over the last few years as a lot of people choose to sell on Vinted (and I can’t blame you) or donate to Emmaus, laudible but we sell cheaper than they do.


Sue x

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