3RD JULY 2023

I’m very happy at the moment with 25% sad. Very happy because it is Wimbledon fortnight and sad because of all the problems in France at the moment. It just breaks my heart to see on the news in the evenings films of people rioting and causing havoc and mayhem. What on earth good does it do to smash places up, destroy and set fire to anything in your path ? Why don’t people realise that they are only making their, possibly unhappy, lives even worse by destroying and looting shops, supermarkets and forcing places and people to barricade themselves in to feel safe. When will the silent majority win over the destructive minority.

So, two weeks of non stop tennis, having already had Roland Garros, Queens and Eastbourne, we arrive at the ‘biggie’. I have a friend coming to stay for ten days (luckily a tennis fan) and she has been warned that I already have several jars of ready prepared (bought) pasta sauces, frozen lasagne, and fresh food will probably not be in evidence unless we go out (lovely tapas bar in Montcuq) or Ernst takes over the cooking. The latter I must say is prefential to my cooking !

The only ‘blip’ to the above is that Jan and I fly back to England together on the 16th ………. Men’s Finals Day ! Such bad planning, but usually the semis are better than the final anyway. I’m going back to England just for a week for the planting of the ashes of my lovely friend Annie who died in February, to visit pals from a long time ago in Monaco and a family reunion up in Leeds. All of which I am looking forward to – well apart from Annie’s ashes, but you know what I mean.

Adoptions have been fast and furious with dogs flying off the ‘shelves’ like hot cakes. I cannot understand why the black Lab has not been adopted. A super dog, ok a greedy git but hey, he’s a Lab ! And Suzette, oh my goodness what a peachy peach of a dog yet she gets passed by time and again. As I type someone is coming to see Tulk, so fingers crossed for him. So many abandons at the moment, many as a result of couples breaking up so people moving out of houses to apartments where the dog doesn’t fit in. Also a sad case of a poor dog taken to Danielle pitifully thin and so nervous. We suspect mistreatment by the young child. Please, please, please, do not get a dog until your child (whatever age !) understands that the animal IS NOT A TOY !!!

Also, I’ll now give out my annual plea, it is fete and market time in France and noisy fetes/markets ARE NO PLACE for poor dogs. So often I see them being dragged around in the heat, in the crowds, where all they see are the backs of legs or they are tied to chair legs whilst the owners enjoy a cool drink with no thought to the poor dog sweltering underneath. LEAVE YOUR DOGS AT HOME IN THE SHADE !

Talking of fetes, a brilliant one every year is the Marché Gourmande at Tournon d’Agenais, Lot et Garonne, on 21st JULY. The very excellent AbFabba will be providing the music to eat, drink and dance to. Don’t miss it !

Sue x

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