2ND JUNE 2023

Starting off this month with a photo of our Olivia (she’s the one with her head under the steps) and her sister Willow who is spending a couple of weeks with us. (Hmm, perhaps I should have tidied up before taking the photo !) Their Dad is a Newfoundland and Mum a sort of German Shepherd mix. They absolutely adore each other and Olivia goes into a sort of ‘down’ time when Willow leaves – though it doesn’t last long when she realises she gets all her sleeping space in my bedroom back to herself !

If you are looking for a dog, I strongly recommend that as well as looking at the Poorpaws adoption page, you also visit Danielle’s Facebook page – La Mere aux Betes – to get the latest news. I am not on FB and can only occasionally access Danielle’s page, so am not always right up to date. Can I here put in a vote for Suzette ? An absolutely darling of a dog. As well as being very pretty, she is so gentle and loving and I’m having to be very strong not to grab her and not let her go. Danielle also has some Border Colley pups, (two boys left) who will be ready to go in a couple of weeks. A word of warning though, Borders need brain stimulation, not only lots of exercise. They need to work their ‘little grey cells’ too. Quick to learn however, they are a very rewarding dog to train.

I’ve had a very peaceful month of May as Ernst has been away with his sister, Karen, making a friends and family tour of Germany. I assume he had a good time, but who knows ? Trying to get conversation out of Ernst is worse than getting money out of my purse !! I do know that one day they were driving to their brother Fritz in Erlangen and Karen got the spelling wrong by one vowel and they ended up 200 kms away from where they should have been. Karen said that had it been her husband with her, all hell would have let loose but Ernst just said “ok so we turn around”. Nothing if not laid back my guy !! (Also absolutely bally infuriating at times too !!)

Whilst they were away I painted the kitchen and painted a larged wooden bookcase a very deep blue. It took Ernst a week to notice. Hey ho !


Sue x

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