Well, to put it mildly, PHEW !!! I love the sunshine but even I am thinking about relocating to the north of Scotland !! I thought I’d start off with a few photos of bits of my garden as it was at the end of June but if I took the same photos now they would be starkly different. I do not have green fingers but I love making little corners look pretty, however with the lack of water most of the plants have been gathered together in a shady part of the garden to make watering easier and more economical. The second photo is my favourite coffee/reading spot, now impossible to sit in after 10 am and before 8pm. We have a very large garden which is largely taken up by dog parks and kennels and the rest mostly left to its’ own devices. Great for wildlife but not good for dog poo hunting ! Sometimes I long for a cottage garden and I do my best but it is just not possible to recreate such an environment when you live in the south west of France. The problem is I just don’t like the water storing plants with thick leaves.

I think Ernst is a secret member of the water police, always tut tutting behind me whenever I approach a tap ! So, all water that can be conserved and used again, is. God help me if I forget to take a bucket into the shower to catch every drop which bounces off me and I won’t explain the toilet rules, suffice to say, if anyone pops by I have to remember to quickly go and flush in case they want to spend a penny !

Please, let it rain soon !!

Adoptions, after a worrying lull, have been great. Dear Olly is reserved to go to a wonderful home once her adopter’s holiday guests have left – always wise to take a new dog into a calm, peaceful environment. Just one little boy Bruno de Jura pup left. If you are hesitating, Bruno de Juras are the gentlest, loving dogs. We have had a couple who have transferred from hunting dogs to wonderful pets without any problem. So if you are lucky enough to get one from a pup I can almost guarantee you’ll have a winner. Poor, poor Rouky, after years of being loved by all around, he now finds himself (due to a death in the family) in dire need of a new loving home with someone or someones who will understand that he just wants a peaceful last few years and does not want any other animals around.

I did the St. Pantaleon vide grenier along side Danielle last Sunday and although it was worth doing, it was a shame there were not more visitors, mainly probably because apparently it was advertised not as being at St. P, but at ‘Barguelonne’ !! This is a result of three villages – St. P, St. Daunes and Bagat – being grouped together as Barguelonne en Quercy.

On the 28th August, Danielle and I will be running our usually successful clothes stand at the Montcuq vide – back in the village, yey ! – so if anyone has good quality unwanted clothes, ladies only – please get in touch so I can collect/meet up.

The following Saturday – great planning Sue – is the new format book sale. As usual hundreds of books at 1 euro each, dvds are down to 50 cents and cds 20 cents. A ‘Freebie’ box, donations box, ‘Sue has Enjoyed’ box and a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ selection have all been introduced. There will not however be any refreshments, so no coffee and cakes. I know that for many of you, our ladies’ cakes are …… well the icing on the latter, but I hope you will still come along, support Poorpaws and La Mere aux Betes and go home with some really great stuff for your Winter (eek !) enjoyment. If all goes well (fingers crossed) I will continue with the sales which, hand on heart, I adore planning for.

Keep cool,

Sue x

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