4th July 2022

So here we are, half way through Wimbledon already (oh, happy Independance Day to American friends) and the kilos are piling on. Why does watching all the super fit tennis players not inspire me to keep fit, but give me fits of the munchies ! Ok I am not fat and am fairly fit through dog walking, but I sit through Wimbledon every year – my second to favourite time of the year, the first being our holiday on Ile de RĂ© – and although thoroughly engaged in what is going on on court, at the back of my mind I’m thinking “what can I eat next ?” ! “Hmm, last thing was a banana, that’s not fattening is it ? So can I have tea and cake now ? Perhaps not at 2pm, so perhaps a biscuit, half a biscuit ? Perhaps I’ll make a banana bread, that’s healthy, not sure if mine is healthy though as I always add white or milk chocolate ” And so it goes on ! Devil in my head 40 to self control, love.

During SW19 fortnight all invitations are declined (well, all two of them) but I was duty bound to go to Ernst’s end of season choir lunch on Sunday. I reckoned that, as it was to start at 12.30, I could be out of there and home by 3.30, which is 2.30 in England and I wouldn’t miss much. Ernst had to get there early to help put up the tables and I was to follow on with a salad. I sort of knew where it was (Sauveterre) but checked on the map first. I left myself 40 minutes to get there, but an hour after leaving home I was driving around thinking “where the hell is this village ?” ! I kept referring to the map which took me all over the place, at one point practically in front of my friend Gaynor’s house. I early stopped but thought that was unwise, I would be even later. I finally arrived at 1pm thinking I was so late, but in true French style, they hadn’t even had the apero. I had an apero, starter and main course, then made my excuses before the desert and left. Ernst explained how to get home and I was there in half an hour. When Ernst came home later, I showed him the road I had been following on the map and said I couldn’t understand how I got so lost. He patiently explained that the ‘road’ I was following was the deparmental line between the Lot and Tarn and Garonne. Egg on face.

I’m busy planning the new format book sale and it is likely to include new ideas such as a ‘Freebie’ box, a ‘Sue has enjoyed’ box and, hopefully, a ‘Sophie’s Choice’ box which will be books recommended by friend Sophie who ran the much missed second hand book shop in Montcuq for a long time.

Of course, the sale is all in support of dog rescue, not just my book addiction ! We are ‘down’ to ten dogs now and won’t be taking in any more as we don’t want to pop our clogs and leave them as orphans, but Danielle who constantly has an average of about 20 has huge monthly expenditures and receives no official financial support. She does a really great job and never, ever refuses to give help and/or advice.

Adoptions have been good this month, Lizzie has gone to a lovely Dutch couple I know who have adopted from us before. She is in for a great, happy life. Scooby the Border Colley has been adopted and one of the best pieces of news is that Stella, the Bleu de Gascoigne who was found in a skeletal state has gone to a home where she will be loved and cherished. Scouby, the eight year old has been snapped up as have all but one of the pups. Just a little female left, so don’t hesitate !

Enjoy the sunshine !!

Sue x

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