1ST MAY 2022

Just back from a fabulous week on Ile de RĂ© with a couple of girlfriends. Brilliant until we realised that one of us couldn’t ride a bike !!! However, thanks to the super inter village bus service, Susie was able to meet Louise and me wherever we had cycled to, for lunch and/or shopping. She also discovered a lovely beach restaurant that we were not aware of !

Anyhow this is just a ‘quckie’ to tell you about the Table Top vide maison to be held at Pat Lockett’s house, just outside of Montcuq, prior to her – sob, tissues, – departure back to live in England. All proceeds are to go to Poorpaws and since the book sales are no more, your support will be much appreciated. See poster above for details.

More later.

Sue x

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