I know this is a couple of days early, but I didn’t want to start the New Year with a grouch, so decided to end the old year with one.

Thank you (not) all those Brexshit voters ! Thanks to you, it has become a morning’s work to send a gift to the UK and the cost of same is unbelievable. I try to do the good thing by shopping in local shops, sending French gifts and avoiding the ‘A’ company. (Amazon to anyone who has chosen – and I admire and envy you – to stay off grid for the last five years.) Then you wrap your gift, not in brown paper but in a box with ALL sides so sealed with brown tape so that the recipient might just succeed in opening the gift by August 2022, and off you to à La Poste ! If you go to our little Poste in St. Daunes, you will be greeted by a lovely young lady who will do everything for you, fill in the necessary forms on line, print off the customs declaration, then, sheepishly ask for a sum which would be enough to feed a third world country for a couple of days. Or, you may have the experience of a friend who queued for 25 minutes OUTSIDE her Post Office, only to be sent away to download and print her own declaration. Her granddaughter (luckily too young to know about Christmas) will NOT be receiving the beautifully hand knitted Snowman until they can meet in person. (Actually, I’ve got sights on the Snowman myself and I only live 20 minutes away !)

Then there are the hundreds of Brits over here who were so looking forward to friends and family coming over for Christmas and making up for being confined and curfewed last year. Yey ! Everyone was so excited, flights were booked, train tickets bought, lifts to airports and stations arranged. Ha, everyone ready ? Good, because, yah boo sucks, you ‘aint goin’ and your friends and family ‘aint coming. Don’t tell me this is a result of covid. It is a result of Brexit. Boris and Macron cannot stand each other and need their heads banging together. When covid numbers are going up in their hundreds of thousands every day, what is the point of closing borders ? We are all going to get it at some time but the vaccinated won’t die from it. As for the non-vaccinated, well that’s your choice but you have to be prepared to take the flak if you get it and end up in hospital, taking the bed from someone who needs it.

I heard of an English lady who runs a gite here and only rents to Brits ………… and she voted Brexit. I can’t bear it. I keep asking people to name one good thing that has resulted from Brexit and, do you know, not one single person has been able to give me one.

So, again, thank you (not) Brexit voters, for making life more difficult for everyone.

Ok, that’s it, my final grouch of the year ! I hope you all had a good Christmas, even if it was spoilt by the above. We had our usual Christmas Fizz with friends coming round on Christmas Day, then I was struck down on the 26th with what, if I hadn’t had the flu jab, I would have thought was the flu (drama queen ? Moi ?) and after reading about cold syptoms being the same as covid, and despite being three times jabbed, I had a couple of tests which were both negative. So I had the good old common cold which has lasted for four days and has strict instructions to leave before New Year’s Eve.

The Adoptions Page will be updated tomorrow, so take a peek, especially if you are looking for a VERY mischevious puppy !


Sue x

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