Many years ago, my friend Sue who was staying with me, left me her walking jacket to use. The first time I used it was to put it a little way away outside our back gate so that when one of our dogs, who had run off, came home, she would wait by the jacket (this works by the way – usually !). I put the jacket out at 8pm and got up at 1am to go and check. No dog …….and no jacket !!!! This was a mystery. To get to the back of our property which is more or less isolated, you have to climb up a hill and circumnavigate the garden, so it could not have been someone just passing by. So I just told people to look out for a sanglier wearing a black fleece lined rain jacket !

Fast forward eight years and I decide to cut (hack) a path through the undergrowth behind our garden to get to a flat area the other side where one of our cats regularly sits and cries pitifully until I walk all the way round the wooded bit to get him to come in for supper. I’m sure you are there before me, yes, in the middle of a particularly nasty mess of brambles was my jacket !!! Way beyond being any use to anyone. I can only assume a fox or sanglier dragged it away in the hope there was something edible in there somewhere.

I had a very awkward moment at the St. Pantaleon vide grenier last week when I took to sell three little tables of different sizes – the sort you put ornaments or candles on in the corner of a room – which I had bought from a friend who ‘distresses’ furniture. I had decided that they really took up too much room for very little purpose. I had been assured that the friend I bought them from would not be at the vide . Huh, yep, along she came in the afternoon. She was very nice about it and wanted to buy them back. I insisted she just take them but she insisted more that she wanted to buy them (at much less than I had paid in the first place), so she went off quite happy in the knowledge that she could repaint them and sell them on again. That was fine, then I realised there was a cushion cover on my table which I didn’t much like but which she had given me because there was a dog’s head on it. I got out of that one by saying that I had put it out to advertise that I was selling in aid of the dog charity. I am not a good friend !!!

Talking of vide greniers, I had been collecting for our usual mammouth clothes stall at the Montcuq vide at the end of August, only to be told that it is not going to happen this year ! Disaster, I can hardly see my bed for clothes rails and boxes. There is however a vide at St. Daunes on Sunday 8th August, so I signed up for that one. Three days later I got a call to say that had been cancelled too …… then another call to say it was on again ! Brilliant, only I looked at the weather forecast today ……. not good ! Still, fingers crossed and if anyone has good condition ladies clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry to donate, please get in touch rapidly so that I can collect.

Most people know that I work with Danielle of La Mere aux Betes who is just the most amazing animal rescuer. From injured birds through to sheep and donkeys, she is always ready with advice and help. Recently a couple brought to her a baby deer who was wandering in the road. Normally people are told not to touch them as the mother will reject them after but this one was clearly alone and in distress. Danielle took her (him ?!) in, bottle fed the poor thing and just look now ! When she/he is old enough he will go into a field with the goats and up to him if he stays or goes.

Lots of new dogs to go on the website ( puppies too !), I have just got to get to grips with the new set out of the website !

Sue xx

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