4th July 2021

Middle Sunday of Wimbledon so one day to get done all the stuff that has been left undone for the past week before it’s heads down for the second week.  It has been a great tournament so far, although all the slipping and sliding over has been rather worrying and many players have pulled out.

Anyway, blah de blah, the most important thing to say is a HUGE thank you to all of you who supported our book sale in June  which raised £2,400, almost up to pre covid sales.  The weather was wonderful and everyone seemed very happy to be there.  Many of you thanked us for still going ahead with the sales which pushes all of my ‘this is the last one’ thoughts out of my head.  Yes, it is a lot of work and the ‘book’ work carries on all through the year with the sorting etc., but the compliments we receive on the condition and quality of the books and  the ‘yumminess’ of the cakes, really does make it worthwhile.  We are going to give the Sunday morning trial one more go to see if more people come along, then make a decision on whether to continue or just stick to the Saturday.

Regular readers will remember my adorable Olivia, really blotting her copybook over Christmas by attacking Tiny, our little one- eyed poodle.  Since then they have never ever been together without supervision and all has been peace and light.  Until two weeks ago.  Ernst and I were having supper, Tiny was asleep under the table, then Olivia came in and went for him with no provocation.  It was awful, Tiny screaming, me shouting and giving Olivia a clout and blood everywhere.  Olivia was immediately chained up in a park (if she is not tied up she jumps over the fence) and I did my best to look at the damage.  Not easy with Tiny who communicates with his teeth when stressed !  I managed to get a muzzle on him and called the vets.  Luckily, it was the wonderful Dr. Cros (the man I should have spent my life with … !!!) and he said to come to the surgery immediately.  Having managed to clean Tiny up – though keeping the muzzle on – Dr. Cros (who pretended not to notice I was crying and snotty) said it was lucky Tiny only had one eye as he certainly would have lost one then.  After the blood was cleaned off, the damage was superficial and no stitches were needed.  however, now our home is more like a French farce, Tiny is restricted to the kitchen and Olivia has the garden.  When Tiny needs to pee, Olivia is locked up.  A rotten thing to say, but Tiny is 16 and Olivia is only three, so hopefully the situation won’t last a long time.

I love gardening, though I have to say I do not have green fingers, and every year I say to myself that I’ll only plant geraniums as they are impossible to kill, but every year I am seduced by other plants.  This year I decided on Verveine, supposed to bloom all Summer and be no trouble.  Huh !  We have the fattest snails ever now … and no Verveine left.  I cannot, will not, use chemicals against insects, not only because we need them, but the dogs will eat anything and everything.  So, back to the nursery and home with a barrow load of geraniums !!

Although we have a lot of dogs at the moment, they are not ready for adoption and the ones who are, don’t seem to be appealing to you.  No worries, we have periods like this, nothing for a while then all of a sudden they all go.

Had my second jab on Friday and, stupidly, forgot the one paracetamol before and one after, advice.  Boy did I feel rough yesterday.  So much so I even sent Ernst off to an apero invitation on his own whilst I slept.  Luckily, feeling tickety boo today and looking forward to the Montaigu Theatre Group’s garden Murder Mystery this afternoon.  I’m sure Gaynor, my pal and future carer, (though she may dispute the word ‘future’  !)  is the murderer, I’ve always thought she has a dark side !!!

Sue x
PS This is Hailla (pronounced Hiya), the latest Poorpaws resident.  A nine year old German Shepherd with hip problems, and she is the sweetest, gentlest dog ever.  A traumatic handover for her owner, and me, but I have promised I will care for her and love her for as long as she has got. 

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