Computer seems to be behaving itself after the wobbly last month – who would believe that the old remedy, unplug for ten minutes then switch on again, actually works !  Any mistakes this month duly down to me and to the fact that I am listening to the final of the Australian Open whilst typing !

It has been a very quiet month due to the fact that both Ernst and I – Ernst much worse obviously ! – have had the awful cold/flu that has been around this month. We did both however manage to stagger to the Notaire last week to get PACSd (Civil Union).  We had decided finally to do this because of the French inheritance laws;  our house is in both our names and without any legal ‘joining’, when one of us dies, the other would have to pay 60% tax on the deceased’s share of the property.  It was quite funny as I thought it would take months to organise and get all the necessary paperwork, but we had an appointment with the Notaire a couple of weeks ago to take birth certificates etc., then were asked to go back two weeks later.  We though it was just for a regrouping of official bits and pieces, but before you could say “whoa, hang on a minute” we had signed and were done !  It was a bit like picking up a parcel at the post office.  You can do all the prep yourself but we decided to cough up and let the Notaire do it all for us.  We decided on a civil union as it is much easier than getting married, plus the facts that why would I wish to marry a third (!) time and Ernst wants to go to his grave a bachelor.  I’m very keen to help him to realise this ambition  !

Now I’m just waiting to see what’s happening on the carte de sejour situation.  The department of the Lot, in its’ wisdom decided not to issue cartes de sejour until brexshit was decided.  Many of us applied in 2018 and were told we would get them in a few months but they never arrived.  Then we were told to apply on line but if we had applied in person already not to do anything further.  Then that was changed !  Now we are told that all those who applied on line will get their cards but nothing about all of us who queued up at 7am to be sure to get an appointment.  ‘They’ have all our paperwork, our finger prints and our SAEs but who knows if we will have to go through it all again.  Anyhow if we do, we do, it’s worth it to be able to live here.

Adoptions have been fantastic this month.  Our lovely, lovely Luke has gone to a wonderful home just up the road from here.  I’m dying to go and see him but need to let him settle first.  The  people who have adopted him weren’t too sure at first, thinking he may be a bit big for them but Luke won them over by sitting by them and looking up adoringly.  I’m more than happy to say that updates have been full of praise for the really adorable Luke.

Sweet little Olly has gone also, again to a really great home – phew ! – and is now Polly which suits her beautifully.  I have received a photo of her looking very relaxed and at home.

Olky, now Olly (!) went off with the ideal couple who will train him and the bright little button he is, that shouldn’t take long.

I’m gearing up to Book Sale mode now, the weather forecase is brilliant for today and tomorrow so I may head down to the shed and get sorting.  With all the rain we have had the shed has tilted slightly so Ernst has to shore it up, but luckily no damage to the books.  We’ve already had some great donations and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

My resolutions for 2020 have so far had a 50% success, I have not ordered any dvds/books from Amazon (like I need books with a shedful in the garden, but I collect them like people collect shoes or bags, I just love being surrounded by them), but, sorry to say not buying clothes has failed due to a dress I liked being reduced hugely in the sales !  I’m also watching hardly any television – sorry Garden Rescue – and watching French news much more than English.  Meantime I already have a list of dvds noted in the back of my diary ready to buy next year ….. when hopefully they will have come down in price.  Tight ? Moi ?!

Sue x


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