January 5th 2020

Phew, so that’s all over for another year !!  Actually I do love the Festive Season, I love all the ‘cosiness’ the present buying, card sending, putting up the decs, eating all the (white) chocolate and drinking all the Prosecco.  Something has changed though, I find I like the lunchtime ‘dos’ rather than going out at nighttime, when I would be just as happy in front of the fire watching a good Christmas film -if that actualy exists ! – or reading a book. If you have never read Skipping Christmas by John Grisham (yes, that one !), then get it in time for next Christmas. It is one of the few books that makes me laugh out loud every year. Don’t bother with the dreadful film with Jamie Lee Curtis, it’s crap.

Regular readers will know that my Olivia is a committed ‘runner’ who will, if I don’t get the lead on her fast enough when walking back towards home, run off and come home hours later. The first time it happened I was distraught but now I’m sort of used to it. I have however bought a GPS tracker so that I can see where she is and this came into it’s own a week or so ago when she stayed out all night, but didn’t move far from where she was in the hills of Bagat. It was a foul night, raining and very windy but I couldn’t get to her in the dark so had to wait it out until the morning.  I drove as far up to where she was as I could but had to abandon the car and continue on foot. She and Ben -old Lab- had got themselves into an electrically protected field but couldn’t get out.  Ben was very happy to see me but Olivia just looked at me as if to say  “You took your time, I haven’t had dinner and have you SEEN the weather ?!” Then I realised that I had been so anxious to find them I had not mentally noted the path I had taken to get to them so spent another 20 minutes wandering around in the pouring rain looking for the car !!

I’m going to cut it short here as the computer is throwing a wobbly and the cursor -causing me to be the curser- keeps jumping back a few lines.

So a very fabulous 2020 to you all – and don’t forget the bok sale 4th April !

Sue x


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