Well, phew, that must have been the longest 70th birthday celebrations ever !  A lovely few days at Cap d’Ail with friends down there plus some who came over from England, back home to a wonderful afternoon fizz tea party where my lovely pals here were dressed up in dog ear headbands and all decorations ‘doggy’ !  There was even a slide show running of photos of me and dogs dating back thirty years AND a WHITE chocolate birthday cake, thank you Gaynor, I love you !  Then I went over to England for more lunches and a trip to see the Christmas lights at Kew Gardens.  That was magical and enchanting, if slightly let down by tacky fast food huts.  Can people really not have a lovely hour stroll through gardens without food ?!

The day we went to Kew Susie either lost her iPhone or had it pick-pocketed and my ‘phone, which is just that, a ‘phone, nothing singing or dancing, had died, dead, would not charge up.  So there we were two helpless ladies in the city without a ‘phone, it was just like the olden days !  We needed to contact a friend we were meeting but, of course, no telephone number as all numbers were on the bally ‘phones !  No worries, we could ring Ernst from a ‘phone box and get the number from him. (This was quite a risky solution as Ernst doesn’t answer the ‘phone !)  We passed many telephone boxes, it must be said, but decided to wait until we got to the station to call.  There, very intelligently, all ‘phones are on the platforms so we had to beg to be let through without tickets to find …….. the ‘phones didn’t work !!  I am used to not being with a ‘phone as there is no signal at our place, but poor Susie, anyone would think her arm had been cut off, it was a long weekend for her !

Oh, must tell you, my present from Susie was tickets to an Andre Rieu concert (don’t judge me !) in April,  yey !

So, I’m back and desperately trying to lose the extra kilos put on before the Christmas madness starts !

Whilst in England I read an article in a newspaper about puppies being offered at ‘Black Friday’ prices.  Ok, don’t get me started !  If I could have got my hands round the rotten throats of the rotten people advertising their puppies at ‘bargain’ prices, believe me I would have squeezed and squeezed and squeezed.  What was even worse was that they were French Bulldog pups, who I think,  it is generally agreed by any dog lover anywhere, should no longer be bred.  They have been so overbred that their little flat faces make breathing and snoring a huge problem.  Plus many of their owners spoil them so much that they rarely walk, are fed to the back teeth with treats resulting in overweight dogs who would have problems moving and breathing even if they were any other breed.  Some people don’t deserve to exist.

Who definitely do deserve to exist are Luke and Fidgi, new on the adoptions page.  Luke is here and Fidgi has gone down to Danielle, only because we both know that had she stayed with me any longer I would never have let her go !

For the first time in several years we won’t be hosting a Strictly Finals evening and have passed the baton over to friends.  We will miss hosting but very good mates who are usually in Australia at this time of the year will be here this year and he cannot come to our house because of a violent asthma reaction to dogs. We will however have our usual 12 to 2 Fizz Open House on Christmas Day and no doubt friend Susie will have her whistle ready to blow at 2pm so that she, Ernst and I can put our feet up in front of the fire ready to watch Gavin and Stacey, so excited !  I know, I know, sad !

Have a happy Festive Season and when making New Year resolutions, put ‘adopt a needy dog’ at the top of the list !

Sue xx


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