A very sad RIP this month.  My dear friend Lyn who I  visited twice a week when possible, for many years, died on the 21st of this month.  Lyn was 99 and was desperate to get to her 100th birthday on 2nd January.  She didn’t make it but there will be a tea party nevertheless.  I had thought she would die when I was in Japan and couldn’t believe it when I found her still with us  on my return.  “Still with us” is rather an exagerration as she was away in her own little world by then, asking for news of friends and family long, long gone.  Most days she didn’t know who I was but the last thing she said to me was “I love you too”.  I don’t think she knew who she was saying it to, but I’m keeping it.

Those of you who have supported our book sales from the beginning when it was held in a barn at Beliben may remember Lyn bless her.  She loved being there and sat at the cake table all wrapped up in blankets, insisting she was fine and chatted away to everyone.

Talking of book sales – see what I did there ?! – our sale on the 19th October was, yet again, thanks to you, a huge success.  We didn’t quite get to the 3,000 euros we are beginning to expect, but 2,875 is a very respectable amount and we were up against two very important rugby matches !  Thank you so, so much to all who donated fabulous books which prompted many people to congratulate us on the quality and condition of the books.  Sadly we do have to exclude some of the donations which are not in such good condition and some which we receive in large numbers and which most people have read – I could build a house with the numbers of Da Vinci Code  – we don’t think people really want collections of dead insects included, but in the main the books have been brilliant and very up to date as well.  We realise there are other bigger book sales around and although it would be easy for us to move to bigger premises, the size we keep to is manageable and, we like to think, cosy. 

One of our very regular supporters is Polly-Anne Lloyd who is a dog trainer and behaviour advisor – although usually it is owners who need training as I think we all agree and I put my hands up to being one of them !  Polly runs classes and will do one to one training.  She is based in the Tarn and Garonne but runs classes as far up as the Dordogne, so if you and/or your dog need help and advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Her telephone number is 0606484034 / 0563397500 email drhoof@me.com.

I was hoping to give you the date of the next books sale but so far have been unable to confirm the reservation of the hall, however we are aiming for 4th April 2020, so as soon as you get your next year’s diary, mark it in and I will confirm.


Our Beagle mix puppies were homed in the blink of an eye and I am sure the Cocker/Spitz ones will too.  There are just the two left and I will be taking a third one down to Cap d’Ail next week when we go down to celebrate (?!) my 70th with friends and family.  I always said I wanted to get down to single figures in dogs before I hit 70, well I failed miserably, we have 14 none of which are leaving here any time soon !

So, 70, I suppose I really have to look at my wardrobe now, nothing worse than  mutton dressing as lamb, mind you Helen Mirren still looks fab, she’s a bit older than me and she dresses ‘young’, must be the convent education, we went to the same school don’t you know !

Sue xx

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