26th April 2017

I know, look at the date, I’m four days early !!  this is because we’re off on Saturday to the Ile de Ré for our annual week of reading, cycling and sleeping !  So much to do before we leave and so little time.

This newsletter is going to be rather sweet and sour so let’s get the sour out first !  People who divorce and chuck the dog out with the unwanted chattels.  Two of these poor dogs on the Adoptions page at the moment.  How DARE people do that ?  Ok, shite happens but at least one of you should have the decency to make sure that wherever you are going to, you can take the poor dog.  It’s not his/her fault you are divorcing.  Wonder if the children go up for adoption too.

Moving on to sweet, three pups adopted and oh how I miss little Nick, just the most wonderful little lad.  He is proving to be, as I knew he would, very laid back and easy going, slotting in to his new life at Juan les Pins with Ana and proving to be the delight of everyone who meets him.  Mimba went off down to Aix en Provence and we are hoping the little teething problems will soon be sorted out.  Misty went off last week and Binky, now Izzy is set to go out into the big wide world tomorrow.

Our Easter Book Sale was a great success raising 2,500 euros and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces.  Not as many as last time which we think was due to the fact that Easter was later this year and the weather has been great so many people had gone away.  We are starting to collect names of people who have books to donate for October so if you have any please get in touch with me – good condition and saleable is the order of the day !

Back to sour, my very dear friend Sue who comes to visit often and who is always here to give a hand at the Book Sale, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Luckily she has a great team of mates all queuing up to help her cope with everything and I will be popping over to the UK regularly to give her moral support and to be ready with buckets and bowls !!!

Take care, with love,

Sue x

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