1ST APRIL 2017

I’ve always thought what a great easy job a weather forecaster would be.  You just have to forecast rain every day.  It rains, no-one is surprised, it doesn’t rain, people are happy !  Except farmers of course but it takes a lot to make them happy weather wise !  As you may have guessed I’m sitting typing this whilst “sunny spells” tips it down outside and, having finished the house, I’m thinking of asking Ernst to start on the ark !  Weather is such a tease, a couple of days of up to 22° last week and I get out all the garden pots, optimistically buy Lobelia and Impatience from Lidl where they are dying of thirst and plan my weekend.  Huh, aforementioned plants are probably now dying from too much water !  Lidl, now I love the shop but why do they never water the plants they have on sale ?!

Overwatering reminds me of an episode of Bronco the cowboy – boy that ages me ! – when strong handsome Bronco was taken into the desert by a baddie and left to die of thirst.  Of course he didn’t and got back to town where he got his own back by forcing the baddie to drink gallons after gallons of water.  Good justice I always thought ! I can’t stand violence !

Well it’s all systems go getting everything ready for the Easter Book sale (15th April at St. Pantaleon salle de fetes).  I have sorted literally thousands of book, have about 100 boxes for you to browse through plus boxes of dvd’s and cd’s.  A plea, please don’t come with hundreds more books, we won’t have time to sort them and they will end up being got rid of.  However, if you have been saving for us, can I be cheeky and ask you to cherry pick and ONLY BRING books in good condition and saleable, they will be put aside for the next sale.  Nothing technical, no A to Z’s, Michelin Guides, or travel guides generally from the year dot.   As usual loads of home made cakes, coffee, tea and light lunches will be on offer.  It makes a great trip out especially if you have visitors and need ideas of what to do.

Colleague Danielle of La Mere aux Betes has been away for a couple of weeks so adoptions have been on hold.  The six pups I had all have good homes, the last one going down to St. Jean Cap Ferrat if you please !  Boy am I going to miss him.  Nick is a poppet and a great shoe collector. He steals all my shoes and takes them back to his bed !  Mimba will be on her way to Aix en Provence next weekend and Bella and Babarella have gone to some lovely people who were quite prepared to take on two eleven year old dogs, now that is what I call dog rescue !

Remember I said last month I was going to have a ‘dry’ March ?  Well I did it !  We went out to supper with friends last night (I started this newsletter on the 1st April and it is now the 2nd) and I was presented with some bubbly in the biggest wine glass I have ever seen !  I didn’t overdo it but still woke up this morning with that familiar fuzzy head and queasy stomach so I think I’m going back to tonic water and feeling good in the morning.  Mind you my wit and conversation last night was top notch …….. it seemed to me …. !

See you at the Book Sale !

Sue x

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