30/08/17  Well, what do you know ?  Old gentleman recovered well, called to see if Egan was still available and I took him  up to Limoges last week.  All going superbly well.  Brilliant for this lovely gentle dog.

31/07/17  Update:  Poor Egan has had a great disappointment.  He was all set to go to a lovely elderly gentleman up in the Vienne when the man was taken ill so everything has had to be cancelled.  I can’t tell you how choked I am about this – and of course, sorry for the poor man.  So is there another kind soul out there who could turn Egan’s sadness in to joy ?

“Please don’t talk about me one eye’s gone” !!  Poor Egan here was attacked by another dog and as a result had to have one eye removed.  His owner has decided that for his safety he would like him to go to a new home as it  would be easier to home Egan rather than the aggressive dog.  Egan is about seven years old, is neutered, a gentle soul who is used to living  outside (though he says he doesn’t mind trying indoors too !)