These pups are just about six weeks old, so really too young to be taken from Mum but we were given an ultimatum, “take them now or we will deal with them” !!  Mum is a black spaniel and Dad we are not too sure about but the finger of guilt is pointed at a sort of Labrador.  Whatever, they are gorgeous and look as if they will have the slightly curly coat of a spaniel. There are three black boys, one brown/black mix boy and a brown/black mix female.  They will stay here at Poorpaws until they are two months old and have survived the first vaccination and been chipped, then we will be seeking happy homes for them.  I say “survived” because we are finding that sadly some pups take ill after the first jab, yet we are obliged to get it done.  However, these look a feisty lot so far so fingers crossed.