indie-in-paris indie-bAdopted !UPDATE 06/10/16  INDIE IS ADOPTED ! Indie is a beautiful little Beagle of just nine months.  She was rescued by some lovely students in Paris who have taken great care of her.  However, student life in student accommodation is proving difficult so Danielle and I were approached to taking her and finding Indie a lovely home in the country where she can run around doing what Beagles like to do !  Kind Haley brought Indie all the way down to Cahors on the train and although tremendously sad to leave her behind, was happy to see her running around at Danielles, playing tag with the geese and jumping over puppies.  Indie is a darling, VERY lively and needs a home with a good garden to chase around in with a family who will take her on  l o n g walks and love her to pieces – who wouldn’t ?!