Lou new photoUPDATE 03/08/16  Yey, put up the banners, let’s have a parade !  After reading about Lou’s disappointment a lovely couple got in the car and drove all the way down from Calvados !  They couldn’t even be sure that they could take Lou, it depended on how their very timid dog took to him.  Well, everything went well and as I write this Lou is on his way to a fabulous new home.  Well done Lou, you have waited so long, you deserve this, be happy and be sure to send photos !

UPDATE 26/07/16   Well Lou, what a bummer was that ?!  Adopted by a family and brought back LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER.  Why ?  BECAUSE LOU  WAS NOT  AFFECTIONATE  ENOUGH !!  Honestly sometimes (well quite often really) I want to hit people.  Poor Lou, taken from the only home he has ever known, our refuge, and expected to be immediately uber loving to people he had never met before.  Come on, please someone with a grain of intelligence take this lovely boy.


Poor little Lou – and I mean little !  He has been waiting for nearly a year now to find his own proper home and we cannot understand why this lovely boy is passed over each time.  He has seen his sisters both move on and just waits patiently.