Jake Jake again09/04/2016  ……… and the lovely home has been found !!  As soon as Jake is fit enough for his vaccination and chip he will be off to live with Annie and her family where there is already another dog to teach Jake how to get in to all sorts of mischief ! Brilliant !

Meet Jake, we are told he is a cross between a Fox Terrier and a Dachshund.  Poor little Jake and his brothers and sisters were being sold out of a cardboard box at a boot fair yesterday for 10 euros each.  It is ILLEGAL to sell animals at boot fairs but I have to say that goodness knows what would have happened otherwise.  A lovely lady who already has four rescue dogs and no money could not leave him there to an unknown fate so forked out the 10 euros and persuaded another couple to do likewise.  We are now looking for a lovely home for little Jake who is probably just about two months old.  Looks as if the poor mite has already been in the wars but the cut under his eye is probably the result of a bit of rough and tumble with the rest of the litter.