Roy's CharlieCharlie Provence17/02/16  Just heard that this little darling has been adopted.  Hurrah !!

16/02/16  Still looking for a lovely home for this lovely girl.  Look at her little happy face when she knows the chain is being removed and a lead put on.  She has been liberated from her miserable life but her future is uncertain so won’t someone give her a chance ?

This little sweetheart is Charlie a three year old love who has had a really rum deal so far.  Taken by a farmer to herd sheep she turned out to  be rubbish at that so was then chained up 24/7 and being fed when the farmer remembered to do so.  She was taken under the wing of Roy who discovered her hungry and frightened when he was out for a walk one day.  He visited her every day and it broke his heart when he had to leave her.  The farmer was going to dump her at a refuge but Roy was able to get her away.  Trouble is that Roy has a sort of  ‘tied’ accommodation with his job and his employers dogs have not taken kindly to poor Charlie even though she does her best to be friends.  Please, please, help to find this lovely girl a new home.  At the moment she is in Provence but Poorpaws will pay for any costs getting her to a loving home.