Junior son of Motus MotusMotus and Junior haircut07/03/2016  AT  LAST !  Junior has gone ‘on trial’ and when I rang for news after the first night, he and his owner were taking their morning coffee at the village café !  In the words of the song “I think it’s going to work out fine !  Motus has now joined the official little Poorpaws oldies club and gets to sleep Inside.

14/2/16  First walk off lead today for Motus.  What a star !!  He ran, he jumped and I swear he laughed !!  Never strayed too far, always kept me in sight. Instant recall, came back every time. What a lovely Valentine present for him to find a home.

Update 8/2/16  Still no luck for these two who, I can assure you are lovely dogs.  They are great with the others and it can be rather overwhelming when new dogs arrive here.  Motus and Junior just wander around the garden investigating and go straight back to their park when told.  They love a bit of attention and Junior spins round and round with happiness when he knows he’s going to get a cuddle.

Update 26/1  Motus and Junior are now at Poorpaws, have had a good ‘toilettage’ and, as you can see, are looking great.  I can confirm that they are lovely dogs and don’t seem to have any hang ups at all.  Go on, give ’em a chance !

We’re looking for someone with a HUGE heart here.  Motus (bottom photo) is the 15 year old mother of Junior (above) who is seven years old.  Tragically their owner has died and whilst the dogs were kept at their home being cared for as long as possible by the family, the house has now been sold and Motus and Junior have nowhere to go.  Is there anyone out there who can help this couple to save them from a very sad fate ?