Junot16.02.16  Well hallelujah !  Dear Mr. Junot, someone has looked into your eyes and said “Yep, that’s the one for me” so you will be off very soon.  What a lucky person to have you and what a lucky you !

Looking rather pensive Mr. Junot ?  I know why, tomorrow is the day you have a little visit to the vet and will come home just a little bit different !  Don’t worry it makes you no less of a handsome boy whatever anyone else tells you.  Your story is one of the ones that makes me so mad I could scream, your owners moved house and just left you behind.  How could they do that ?  I have only met you once and you are absolutely fantastic, four years old, obediant and a Very Good Boy.  We’ll do our best for you pal and find  someone decent to give you a happy home.

Sue’s extra note.  This dog is wonderful, I saw him again today when he had at least three of the little puppies running round him and hanging on his ears and his tail.  He never made a murmur and was so gentle with them.