31ST AUGUST 2015

Mikaela and HoneyThis is a photo of the lovely Mikaela with Honey, a Very Lucky Dog !  Mikaela and her husband adopted Honey a few years ago and provided her with a great home.  Very sadly Mikaela lost her battle with cancer on the 1st August and I am sure that Honey misses her dreadfully.  Mikaela was always very kind to me and often sent me cheery encouraging emails after reading the Poorpaws News at a time when I was having a tough time at work.  It didn’t stop there, after Mikaela had died  Graham suggested charities to donate to in her memory and Poorpaws is lucky to be one of those charities. I would like to thank both Mikalea and John for their kindness in thinking of others at such a difficult time.

From a great act of kindness we go to the other end of the scale and I would just like to thank the miserable thieving bastard who stole our large dog transport cage from in front of our gates.  I had used the cage to collect a dog, then needed space in the car for something else so took the cage out and put it in front of the gate to take up to the house later.  It’s not even as if our gate is on the road, you have to drive in to the parking area.  A couple of days later we found an injured deer in the field opposite and needed the cage to transport the poor animal to the vet for a pet CT (more about that later), when we suddenly realised that the cage wasn’t there.  So, you despicable little piece of shite, beware, my telephone number is on the cage so don’t even try to sell it on EBay or at a Vide, my spies are out.

I’m thinking of having a ‘Good News Competition’ as in our circle of friends there seems to be nothing but bad at the moment.  Death and illness all round.  Our own dear Domestic Godess, queen of cake baking, Amanda, has just been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.  I would say that life is crap sometimes but it is in fact just the opposite, life is wonderful and I for one intend to try to remember that every moment from now on and stop moaning about unimportant things ……….like the theft of a dog cage !

As for our doggies report this month, well that IS good !  Both Brittany Spaniel pups have been homed as have Lucy and Luke (now Baily), we are down to two Labradors and little Lili has a new life.  More pups on the way from a rotten home and this time we may have to kidnap the poor mother to get her sterilised.

Oh yes, the deer.  Well Ernst set off for the vet with the deer in the back and I telephoned ahead to let them know he was on his way.  “Oh” said the receptionist, “he can’t bring it here, we are not allowed to treat wild animals you have to contact the local chasse”.   Whaaaat ?!  No possibility of contacting Ernst to stop him so I expected him to come back  rather disgruntled with the poor deer still in the back.  But no !  Our wonderful vets turned up trumps.  Ernst spoke to one of the ‘back room’ girls who told one of the vets who came out, climbed into the van, gave the deer a shot of antibiotics, checked him over and stapled up the wound.  Ernst then took him way beyond the back of our place and the deer beetled off.  I did tell him to come back in ten days (the deer not Ernst) to have the staples  removed but I don’t think he heard …….!

Vide Grenier day in Montcuq yesterday where we held our usual second hand clothes stall.  I am not kidding you when I say that our first customer was at a quarter past six in the morning !!  We made a very healthy 530 euros so a huge thank you to all who helped and bought.

A ‘save the date’ message, Autumn Book Sale will be on the 24th October at a NEW VENUE.  The Salle de Fetes at St. Pantaleon which is five minutes from Montcuq in the Cahors direction.

I’m away on holiday in September, just for a week – can’t wait !




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