It has been pointed out to me quite sternly that it is already the 5th August and I have not delighted you all (both !) with the delights of the past month.  Sorry, sorry, sorry but it has been quite busy here , soooooo hot and my computer heats up to such a degree that it is almost too hot to handle, giving out wafts of heat.  Thinking of moving it into the freezer …… if we had one !!

I went into a steep decline after the 12th July, what to do for fifty weeks until Wimbledon comes back ?!  There was a little sweetener when Great Britain beat the French in the Davis cup the following weekend but living here in France one has to be careful about making comments that perhaps the French could use their tennis racquets as spaghetti strainers ……. !  (Kidding, HONESTLY !).  So, the TV has been unplugged again and a good thing too,  the rubbish I watched whilst it was connected.  I mean, how small minded do you have to be to watch a programme showing poor people not being able to pay their debts so, hey, let’s watch them being evicted .  Actually, as small minded as me THAT’S why we don’t have television the rest of the year, I’d be a mushy brained addict instead of just mushy brained !  I did love watching The Dog Whisperer though, that man is a genius, only wish I had the same talent then perhaps my Jip would not have chewed up the watch, glasses and sandals of my sister-in-law !! 

Then we had the mini German invasion (do they ever give up ?! – again, kidding !) to celebrate Ernst’s 70th (a second eek to go with last month’s) birthday.  Two cousins arrived a day early and found the hotel didn’t have a free room so there was much dashing about, a brother and nephew arrived in camping cars much to the delight of the dogs and cats – so many wheels to pee against and unprotected food to steal – another nephew arrived, Ernst’s sister arrived and another cousin.  All this was a surprise for Ernst who’s reaction was …… “oh, hallo” !  Master of the understatement is Ernst !  A great time was had and they loved the fete at Trebaix, it really is the best village fete ever.

As for doggy news, well, all the Shih Tzu’s have been adopted, as has Jimmy (yey !) and the amazing black Basset Hound mix.  Luke went off to a great home and is now Bailey (hmm, something of the same name was responsible for my fuzzy head on Saturday, haven’t drunk it for ages, now I remember why !!).  The little two-coloured Spaniel mix is still on the hoping list and Lucy is so (not) missing her brother !!  There are still a couple of Chocolate Labs waiting and there was an unexpected arrival of pups to a little terrier so they will be on the website soon.

Loving this hot weather, hope it lasts for friends’ arrival at the end of the month and into September for our holiday on the Cote d’Azur.

A couple of dates for your diaries, Luxury Afternoon Tea in aid of Cancer Support France on Thursday 27th August in Montcuq, 12.50 per head, contact me for booking/directions and we will be manning our cheapy cheap clothes stall at the Montcuq Vide Grenier on 30th August.

Have a great August and remember PLEASE don’t drag your dogs around all the festivities, leave them at home in the cool.

Sue x

ps. Ok Colin ?






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